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2015 Summer Fashion!

2015 Summer Fashion!

Although it is not quite summer yet, it's right around the corner! The summer weather has already approached us, hitting Range residents with temperatures ranging from mid 60's to low 70's. In that case, everyone has put their winter clothing away and are now focusing on wedges, flip flops, sun dresses, shorts, and tank tops rather than boots, jackets, gloves, long pants, and sweatshirts. There are all sorts of summer trends this year including "rompers", maxi skirts, "crop tops", etc. Everyone can have a summer fashion, men, women, older/younger adults, children even. At this time of year there are many sales on your favorite online stores!

 It's always been the same for men though, nothing quite new there. Shirts, shorts, sneakers, or sandals, also referred as "mandals." Way more simple then shopping for women, am I right ladies and gents? Some of the best shirts, sun dresses, etc. in my opinion can be found at places such as Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, Maurices, Vanity, Rue21, Bristows, and for some people many other places. Guys, if your looking for your "Fashion Statement" this summer some stores I recommend are, our local Gliks in the Virginia Thunderbird Mall.

Also, in Duluth you can shop at stores in the Miller Hill Mall such as, Zumiez, Bristows, Aeropostale, Hollister, Champs, Hot Topic, and many more, whichever store suits your style! Ladies, don't forget to show off your accessories as well as your summer outfit! Accessories make any outfit look that much better. There are many great deals on earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other favorites. So don't miss out! Start your summer fashion now!

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The Draft is Finished!

The Draft is Finished!

The 2015 NFL draft got underway yesterday with the first round starting at 7 p.m. and ending roughly around 10:30 p.m.  A relatively quick and simple draft.  Some round of the drafts in the past have gone up to 11:30 p.m.  The market during the draft was quiet, too, as there were only four teams that made trades during the draft.  The first trade committed was the San Diego Chargers moving from the 17th overall pick to the 15th pick, swapping picks with San Fransisco 49ers.  The 49ers received extra picks for completing the deal.  The Chargers made the deal so they could draft Wisconsin product Running Back Melvin Gordon.  The other two teams that traded picks were the Denver Broncos moving from their 28th pick to the Lions 25th pick.  The Lions received the Broncos starting center in the deal.  The Broncos ended up using the pick to select last years SEC Player of the Year, and First Team All-American Defensive End, Shane Ray.  Shane Ray has a foot injury and just failed a drug test (marijuana) prior to the draft.  That made him seemingly drop in the draft, but he didn't drop out of the first round.  There was speculation that the Baltimore Ravens wanted Shane Ray at 26 and that made the Broncos jump up.  Shane is thought by many to be the best defensive player in the draft and would've been a top 10 pick in the draft if it were not for his recent mistakes.  

All other teams in the draft stayed put and used their respective picks to select players they coveted.  The first two overall picks were both players at the arguably the most important position in football at Quarterback.  Jameis Winston out of Florida St. went first overall to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  The very next pick Marcus Mariota was selected by the Tennessee Titans.  Big Defensive Tackle Danny Shelton was selected by the Cleveland Browns and went out to greet commissioner Roger Goodell with a giant bear hug.  The Minnesota Vikings selected a very essential need, Trae Waynes.  The Michigan State product is very disciplined and had a very impressive Junior year before entering the draft this year.  He is rated as the number 1 prospect among all cornerbacks by most draft experts.  At the combine Trae ran a 4.31 40 yard dash, which was the best time among corners and second overall among all participants at the combine.  The rest of the draft concluded Saturday.  The Vikings finished their draft and felt very successful about it.  All their additions through the whole 7 rounds is as follows:

Round 1) CB Trae Waynes-Michigan State

Round 2) ILB Eric Kendricks-UCLA

Round 3) DE Danielle Hunter-LSU

Round 4) OT T.J. Clemmings-Pitt

Round 5) TE MyCole Pruitt-Southern Illinois, WR Stefone Diggs-Maryland

Round 6) OT Tyrus Thompson-Oklahoma, DE BJ Dubose-Louisville

Round 7) OT Austin Sheperd-Alabama, OLB Edmund Robinson-Newberry

As you can see the Vikings had a couple extra picks in a few rounds which helped them add depth.  They acquired more picks by trading down with some teams.  Rick Spielman, the Vikings GM, has always stated that he likes to have 10 draft picks. He did that again this year by making smart trades.  Hopefully they will pan out like the Vikings and fans around the state hope it will. 

Photo from: http://www.chicagonow.com/daily-chicago-sports-tab/2015/05/nfl-draft-grading-the-nfc-north/

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A Forgotten Game

A Forgotten Game

A game of strategy and wits. A pastime with a history of competition and brain exercise. This is the wonderful game known as Chess. It honestly doesn't take long to learn how to play, and it can be fun! It is a good game to both exercise your brain and find pleasure in your free time. You can play with a partner, play with yourself, or have a massive tournament. Chess boards are very inexpensive, and many households have them. It's a fun game and you get better through practice, unlike many games these days where you have to pay a lot of money to obtain them. Unlike video games, chess does not damage your eyes. If we had a chess club here, it would not keep kids up till 4am in the morning. Instead, they would hone their skills in a very good educational, thought provoking, fun game that could be played in a short amount of time after school.

I remember my elementary years when we had a Chess Club at this school. The club disbanded when Doc Niemi retired, but why? That is my question. I mean, the school does indeed own a lot of chessboards, it would cost little to no money to maintain this club, and it is a good way to involve young people in a group. We have the Gamers Guild, but some of the games they play there are highly advanced or expensive card games that take a significant amount of time to learn how to play. In my opinion, Chess Club would be a very easy and beneficial addition to our school. As a senior though, my opinion towards this kind of thing may be too late.  Hopefully some underclassmen will step up and revitalize the Mesabi East chess community!  Have a good day everybody.

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The 2015 NFL Draft is Almost Here!

The 2015 NFL Draft is Almost Here!

The 2015 NFL draft is almost upon us.  The NFL is growing widely as America's new favorite sport to watch and many fans get very excited for the NFL draft more than other league drafts.  A struggling team can put together a good draft and totally turn their organization around.  You can make or break your team through the draft.  For example, the Minnesota Vikings drafted Quarterback Christian Ponder at No. 11 overall in the 2011 draft.  This pick seemingly got the organization nowhere for 3 straight seasons.  Definitely broke the Vikings for those years.  Arguably one of the best draft picks all time would be Tom Brady who was drafted in the 6th round (199th overall) in the 2000 NFL draft.  There were six other Quarterbacks drafted ahead of Brady in that draft.  The selection of Brady made the New England Patriots one of the most successful franchises in the NFL for years to come.  The Patriots at the time were a struggling organization.  Since drafting Tom he's lead the Patriots to 4 super bowl victories and appearing in 6 super bowls.  So as you can see, every year there is going to be boom and busts in the NFL draft.  That's how it always is.  

This draft class of 2015 is supposed to be a very deep in talent - more than most years in the past.  Some big names in this class include the two Heisman winners from the last two years in Oregon Quarterback Marcus Mariota, and Florida State Quarterback Jameis Winston.  Mariota won this year's Heisman award and Jameis took the honors last year.  Both of these Quarterbacks are considered the top 2 at their position and are expected to be drafted in the top 10.  Winston is slated a little higher than Mariota because Winston played in a more pro style offense, but recent rumors have Mariota going to the New York Jets with the sixth pick in this year's draft.  Jameis is projected by almost every draft expert to be drafted number 1 overall by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Drafts are very hard to predict though, no one ever has predicted the 1st round of the draft ever.  The top ten is even very difficult to predict.  Some other notable names are Wisconsin Running Back Melvin Gordon expected to be drafted in the back half of the draft. Another big time player is pass rusher Randy Gregory out of Nebraska.  Gregory was expected to be selected within the top 5 but a recent drug test that he failed has made his draft stock go down a little.  Teams are now more hesitant to draft him. He may slide out of the top 10.  The Vikings have been a team known to take guys despite some character issues, like Randy Moss and most recent Percy Harvin.  

The draft is going to be held in Chicago, Illinois.  The first round starts this year on Thursday, April 30th at 8pm.  The draft will conclude on May 2nd.  The draft is carried on TV on channels ESPN and NFL Network.  Tune in and see which teams this year either strike rich or strike out this year.


Info from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Brady



picture from: http://sports-kings.com/downanddistance/2015-nfl-draft-moves-to-chicago/ 

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Could Technology from 9/11's Aftermath have Prevented the Germanwings Crash?

Could Technology from 9/11's Aftermath have Prevented the Germanwings Crash?

If you haven't heard yet, a German plane flying from Barcelona, Spain to Dusseldorf, Germany was steered into the French Alps by the co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz. He locked the pilot out of the cockpit and started the plane's descent from 38,000 feet -- it took 9 minutes to get to 6,175 feet. Officials said that the co-pilot programmed the plane's autopilot to descend from 38,000 feet to 100 feet. There is another horrifying fact: Lubitz increased the speed of the plane before impact, which means that all 149 passengers were aware they were going down, and fast! I can't imagine how those people felt; just thinking about it makes me sick. One of the many rules in flying is that there has to be at least two people in the cockpit. Sometimes this rule is ignored, and this crash is exactly the reason why people shouldn't ignore that rule. Due to the way this crash happened, officials are kicking themselves for not putting a feature in planes to control a plane from the ground in case the cockpit was compromised, or if the pilots were unconscious. It is basically an autopilot technology that is controlled from people on the ground. Honeywell, an aviation company, had started this technology after 9/11, but they stopped the project because the airlines had said that they probably wouldn't use the technology. Recently Honeywell had said that if the federal government starts making it mandatory in planes, then they will start up the project again.

In my opinion, planes should have this secondary defense in the event that something did happen to the cockpit. Cockpits all have impenetrable doors with a key pad, in case the pilots do get locked out, but there is also a safety lock that can’t be accessed from the outside. The key pad was overwritten by Lubitz, and he had also engaged the safety lock. So even with the pilot’s and passenger’s fruitless efforts on breaking the door down, there was no chance of it opening. The door that was designed to keep them safe ended up being the seal to their coffin.

Many crashes could be prevented if there was a way to control the plane from the ground, but there has been some drawbacks to this technology. It will be vulnerable to hackers, and if a hacker could take control of the plane then that is just a tragedy waiting to happen. Another downside to this technology is that this it won’t be fool proof for a long long time -- even then there will still be threats to adding this into planes. I personally would feel safer when flying if I knew these systems were implemented into a majority of planes. I know there are some downsides, but I just think how many potential tragedies could be prevented!

If you are interested in learning more, read more about this system here at:


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