Upcoming tests for Mesabi East High School students

ACT test will be given on April 8, 2017  Mesabi Range College (cost involved, optional).

ACT test on April 19, 2017 for all Juniors (to be given during the school day at Mesabi East) (no cost to students)

ACT test will be given on June 10, 2016   Mesabi East and Mesabi Range College (cost involved, optional)..

SAT test is offered on December 3, 2015, January 21, 2016, March 11, 2016, May 6, 2016 and June 3, 2016 (In Duluth)  (cost involved, optional)


Test Prep Options:

Free test preparation sources:

Accuplacer (Practice Test)


Accuplacer Test for Success (Everything)


http://www.varsitytutors.com/practice-tests (free practice tests and flash cards)

www.studyguidezone.com (practice tests and study guides for a variety of tests)

www.number2.com (an interactive test prep site with questions and feedback for ACT , PSAT, and SAT.

The SAT Preparation Booklet available from M. Janssen.

Preparing for the ACT, available from M. Janssen.

Numerous test prep books, available from M. Janssen

Test prep and questions online at www.actstudent.org/index.html


Test preparation options available at a cost:

Zapping the ACT see www.zaps.com.

ACT Online Prep, The Real ACT prep guide, order at  www.actstudent.org/index.html


College Entrance Tests

Accomodations on the ACT/SAT may be available for qualified students.  See www.act.org and www.collegeboards.com.

Students should take the ACT during their junior year (either spring or summer) of high school. Seniors who may have put this off can still take it during their senior year.  This is important as many scholarships require a score before you can even apply for the funding. In addition, their are schools that give our funding for good scores on the ACT or SAT.  For example, the minimum ACT score required to apply for the Alworth is 26.


ACT - This test is required by most 4 year post secondary institutions. Some institutions also require the writing portion of the test.   It is offered at Mesabi Range Community and Technical College in October, December, February, and April.  It is offered in Duluth on all test dates.  Juniors in the state of Minnesota will have the option to take the ACT.  Mesabi East will offer the ACT test on April 19, 2017  at no cost to junior students.


SAT - This test is accepted by many colleges in the Midwest and is required by many colleges on the East and West Coasts.  Its format is slightly different than the ACT, it is more of a reasoning test and the writing portion is required.  The test is offered at Duluth Denfeld High School in October, November, December, January, March, May, and June.


ASVAB - This test is an optional test given to all 11th graders by the US Army.   This test was given on Thursday, November 3, 2016.  This test measures student skills and ability in four areas, has a career component, and the results can be used if the student wishes to enter the military.  The army pays for this test.  Juniors will preview the test in November .


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